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The Company is currently operating under the leadership of Taha Khan. Years of experience in Digital Marketing has enabled Asad to come across as a competent individual with a welcoming attitude towards growth and learning. It is under his leadership that the company has attained massive success and left no stones unturned when it came to achieving its objectives in a very short time.

Our History

From the Wall Street of Pakistan to an office in the UAE, we are now operating in the US, UK, Australia, China and
South Korea while seeking expansion in several other parts of the world.


As a team of dedicated individuals, we have constructed a vision with challenging goals; to inspire the people to give their best through complete commitment to their passion.


With innovation, industriousness and integrity as our main principles, we are on a mission to stand out as the ultimate record breakers in the world of technology.

We Love To Share

Our Facts.

BTeck Services. has achieved the status of the fastest emerging IT Company in Pakistan in a very short span of time. Our Company has experienced a fleeting success in its new and long-established ventures landing us with more business and growing profit margins each year.

Our offices across the world are equipped with five specialist teams employing more than 1500 employees whose dedication has led us to earn the loyalty of more than 21000 clients worldwide rewarding us with a 300% of business turnover in the current year and getting us a place among the Top 10 IT Companies in Pakistan.


about us.

Over the years, BTeck Services has served many and inspired even more. With customer satisfaction as our foremost preference, our company digitizes workflow, encourages effective communication and works to save time. Here is what our clients say about us!

ARFAN SABIR BTeck Services. has IT professionals who are genuinely there to help you. I worked with the design team and they were really cooperative throughout my projects. I’m definitely recommending them to my friends!
WALK EAZE BTeck Services. has impressive people who turned up with all my projects in time. Their professional attitude towards customer dealing was definitely commendable.
WANG LI These guys are doing some amazing work! They really helped me through all the digital marketing issues that my business faced. Needless to say, my business earned a seamless support from BTeck Services.!
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